Up and coming comedian Dan Levy is partnering with Facebook and Zipcar to bring us “One Crazy Day,” a user submission initiative video series that will run next month.

So here’s how it works: starting now through Oct. 10, you can log onto Zipcar’s Facebook page and submit ideas for missions that Dan has to complete. The mission ideas should each take about two to three hours and must all be able to be performed in one day in New York City (an example posted on the page already: visit every Starbucks in Manhattan). Then from Sept. 23 through Sept. 26, fans can vote for their favorite mission with the first of three winning submissions announced the following day and the other two in the weeks to follow. If your mission suggestion is chosen, you will be flown to New York to participate in the filming and also be awarded $250 in Zipcar driving credit!

If you choose to not participate, you can sit back and watch “One Crazy Day” unfold live on Oct. 14, where you can follow the action via the @Zipcar Twitter handle and Facebook page with up-to-the-minute photos, tweets, and updates. The final videos will be posted to the Facebook page and Zipcar’s You Tube channel starting in late October.

For more on Levy — who just released his debut album Congrats on Your Success on Comedy Central Records and who is a staff writer on Whitney (premiering tomorrow on NBC) check out Laughspin‘s recent interview with the man.

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