Back in May, we reported that comedian Bo Burnham had inked a pilot deal with MTV. And today, we hear that the process must have went well, because the network has officially said yes to Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous, a show centered around a teen who just finished high school and is so preoccupied with becoming famous, he hires a film crew to follow him around. Pretty meta, right? David Janollari, MTV’s Executive Vice President of programming says that the show proves the network’s charge to “pioneer, experiment, break the form and bring in unique new voices,” Deadline reports.

Although Burnham — who originally rose to fame has a viral video star — has only just turned 21, he’s already had a long relationship with MTV’s parent company Viacom, which has been played out through a series of EPs, albums and DVDs dating back to 2008 (when Comedy Central released Bo Fo Sho a digital EP. The following year saw the release of his first full-length album (self titled); and last year, Burnham released his album Words Words Words, which also aired as an hour-long special on Comedy Central and was released — uncut and uncensored — on DVD. Words Words Words (video below) landed on our Top 10 DVD list of 2011.

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